PostHeaderIcon Vacation Planning: Preparing Your Indian Vacation

Vacation Planning: Preparing Your Indian Vacation

An American survey done in 2006 showed that about 36 percent of Americans do not have any plans of spending their pad vacation time. But there are studies showing that having a vacation could actually make workers more productive. If you are one of that 36 percent and would like to experience an international vacation for the first time, then an Indian vacation would be great for you.

India is very much diverse and offers a lot for a first-time international traveller. Its varied geography offers a first-time visitor different options, whether it is the white sand beaches, rolling hills, snow-capped peaks, and plush forests and wildlife. There are too many sights to see, too many things to do, but so little time. In any vacation, even if it is not in India, it is important to incorporate planning. This would help you save time and at the same ensure that everybody would be having a good time.

Research and Planning

The first thing that should be done is to identify which facet of India you and your co-travellers are interested in. This would give you time to identify the activities that you want and the places that would suit your interests. You can already make or plan the itinerary based on this and even start looking for inexpensive and travel deals.

When planning a vacation, research is important. The internet has many information about travelling agencies and guides that have sufficient knowledge about Indian vacation and hot spots. Aside from that, there are also different travelling websites that have a forum for travellers and vacationers where you can exchange information about the places you would like to visit and some travelling tips. You can even have an idea of the places you would like to go to by checking pictures and videos.

When doing the planning, it is very important to plan even the details: the departure, the return and preparing for different situations. You can even have a family meeting before the vacation, to discuss different situations and how to handle them. This would prepare you and your family and at the same ensure that everybody would be having a great time.

When planning a vacation, you don?t just plan about the places you would like to visit. Estimation of the total cost of the vacation is important. Budget would also include food costs, transportation while on the vacation, accommodations and other activities. This is why it is important to also get the costs when doing your research.

Another thing to remember is that India has a diverse geography, climate is also diverse. If you are planning to experience the northern part of India after swimming in Goa, then you would have to be prepared not only for India?s subtropical climate but also for its cold climate in the north.

On the Road

If everything is already planned and the everybody is prepared to embark on the trip, then start packing your essentials and get ready to spend your vacation. When travelling in India it is important to travel in clothes that you are comfortable with. Although India has telephones and internet connections even in the remote villages, it would still be great to make sure that you have your cellular phone and charger with you.

This would help you contact in case of emergencies. It is also important to carry you travelling papers with you, but you would have to make sure that it is kept in a secure place. You do not want to have another problem by losing your travelling papers.

Some vacationers find it a great experience to have an Indian tourist guide that would accompany them throughout the trip. Having a local tourist guide would help you and your companions to see a spectacular scenery and at the same time, take you different celebrations and festivals which would give you a taste of the local culture. Of course, it would depend on your budget and at the same time your preference and would make your Indian vacation memorable.

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  • India has a wealth of cultural and Social lessons to teach with regards to moral values. As poor as you may say some people are, they are rich with tradition and on your travels you will marvel at how happy many people are to just be alive share with others. A concept long lost from western shores. India is an important destination for all those visitors who value the simple and the beautiful.

  • Nice post it makes you wants to go visit India. I leave in Vancouver, Canada and have many Indian friends that talk about all the beautiful things to see. Next time all make sure to follow your advice and planned and my research online. I desperately need some sun and a white sand beach.

  • “having a vacation could actually make workers more productive”

    thx for remind me ^_^

  • Mark johns says:

    Really interesting considering companies are always looking for ways to be more productive.

  • chris smith says:

    I know we could all use a paid vacation, especially after a long and productive year.

  • newsbuzzy says:

    where you go???

    india???so far…

  • Jay says:

    Traveling to India can be tricky. It’s best to find a site that deals with all inclusive travel to these parts. Don’t rely on a hotel you find on the internet to be what it appears.

  • eco seo says:

    I’ve been a few times, my top tip is not to buy your anti mozzy spray until you get there (at least if you are from Europe anyway) they have super strong Deet, very cheap. The first time I went I took the stuff you buy in the UK, I’m not sure if the mozzies ignored it or were actually attracted to it!!!

  • ? love you india

  • I’m from India infact and enjoyed your review. There are so many things you will like and enjoy here except the hot summer and road traffic mainly in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc.

  • ??????? says:

    I’ve been a few times to there
    thank you

  • You are absolutely right, the varied geography of India makes it a wonderful place for holidays because through out the year there are some place that can be just perfect for holidays like in summers high hills Shimla and Manali and in winter your can explore deserts of Rajasthan along with Delhi and Taj Mahal in Agra.

  • The Best Net says:

    Nice post and you really brought me back to my trip to India.

  • Jon Prices says:

    Just like a lot of African travel, try to make a local connection before you get there. You will most probably know someone from India more or less where ever you live in this world. Get a number of a family member or very close friend and plan to meet them if you can. Otherwise, you may get ripped off somewhere – not because they are Indian, but because you are not and have no local knowledge – you are fair game!

  • Kenyan UK says:

    Sun, sea, sand and a cool beer! It does not take much to make me happy. I guess India must be similar to Africa in many ways. I must visit there soon.

  • Really great to hear somebody finally discuss the finer points of Indian travel. Get the rupees ready and get going!

  • Sun, sea, sand and a cool beer! It does not take much to make me happy.

  • nice aricle thanks

  • Lol good post it makes you wants to go visit India. I leave in Vancouver, Canada and have many Indian friends that talk about all the beautiful things to see. :)

  • token pln says:

    India have a beautiful sea. You should go there. No worries..

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